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Meet with other local fans of the works and life of psychologist, Carl Jung. Gather and discuss his life and his well known theories that raise the question of the meaning of life.

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Welcome to the Psychedelic Society of San Francisco! Our group is devoted to the exploration of the expansion of consciousness – and we’re fascinated and thrilled as we learn about the profound role psychedelics have played in the evolution of human


SOUL SEMINARS is a new lecture and event series set up to help create community and explore interesting ideas together, replacing Spirit in the City that has been running for almost 3 years now. The ongoing groups will be held once monthly at Dunderr


Welcome to the Psychedelic and Entheogenic Society of LA! Our group is a safe place to discuss Entheogens and the expansion of consciousness. We discuss the work of such luminaries as Hofmann, McKenna, Pinchbeck, Abraham, Grey, Sheldrake, Leary, Grof

Entheogenic Explorers

An ongoing 'discussion & activity' group for ANYONE interested in any aspect of mythology. Whether you seek diversion, entertainment, inspiration or timeless wisdom, join us in EXPLORING and CELEBRATING these rich stories which continue to resonate t

Myth Lovers

The aim of this meetup is to bring together people who live in the New York City area who have an interest in the Myers Briggs Type Indicator in a mellow, non-structured environment where they can get to know the 16 types. These types are: INFP, ENFP

MBTI Personality Types

"Jung's psychology offers not only a method for psychological healing of individuals but also a new world view for Western Man which holds out the possibility for healing the split in the contemporary collective psyche". ( Edward Edinger, 1998 ) Meet

People Interested in Carl Jung

Ever wondered whether art, movies and theatre reflect back to us the symbolic truth of our human nature? In what way can these narratives teach us about the universal forces in our psyche? What can we learn from the heroes and heroines, dragons and v

Cultural Archetypal Analysts

These ceremonies and workshops reflect the transformational teachings of Luisa Kolker MA LPCC. A high level of emotional maturity, personal accountability and commitment to enlarging your spiritual life are essential to participating in these ceremo

Shamanic Journeyers

The Jung Society of ireland was founded to promote an understanding of jungian philosophy and psychology. The society/s function is education, being dedicated to the exploration of jungian ideas, the application of jungian theory and the encouragemen­


Welcome! "just like the ripples from the smallest drop of water, the smallest of changes in our lives can grow to bring about the greatest rewards" - from Every thought, word spoken, meditation as well as changes we make through


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April 9, 2014

“This is a group for anyone interested in experiencing the Hero's Journey in their lives. Themes of interest: Carl Jung, Joseph Campbell, Mythology, Analytical Psychology, Personal and Spiritual Development, Ritual, Mask Work, Art Therapy, Transperso­

Heroic Journeyers
April 5, 2014

Women's Only Group. A healing, spiritual, connected community of women. A place to share, learn and grow. I am a qualified Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Yoga Teacher, and Massage therapist. Working with the 8 Limbs of Yoga, Chinese medici

March 21, 2014

Psychoanalysis on the street is a meet up group for people interested in psychology, culture and the arts. Our aim is to bring psychoanalysis out of the consulting room and to provide individuals from all walks of life with an opportunity to engage w

depth explorers
February 16, 2014

This is a reading and discussion group for anyone interested in the writings and psychology of Carl Gustav Jung, and related authors such as Edward F. Edinger, Marie-Louise von Franz, M. Esther Harding, and other traditional Analytical Psychologists.­

January 18, 2014

The Vienna Psychoanalytic Society was formerly known as the Wednesday Psychological Society. They commenced their meetings in Freud’s apartment. In November 1902, Freud wrote to Alfred Adler, "A small circle of colleagues and supporters afford me the

January 14, 2014

This will be an analytical psychology reading and discussion group. We will have biweekly meetings to discuss selected reading material chosen initially by me and later by anyone in the group who knows of interesting material. Discussions may range

self discoverers
December 29, 2013

Ever wondered why a particular dream keeps hunting you? Or just had a vivid dream you can't get out of your head? Welcome to the club - of people wishing to use their dreams as a compass to understand the depths of their souls.

dream analysers
December 27, 2013

Phoenix Friends of C.G. Jung was formed in 1984 as a non-profit educational society, meeting to share through lectures, workshops, and related events our common interest in the depth psychology of Swiss psychiatrist Dr. Carl G. Jung. In addition, we

October 25, 2013

This group has been created for anyone inspired by the works of Joseph Campbell and his concept of the hero's journey or for anyone with a general interest in comparative mythology. Discussion topics cover Campbell's interests in myth, story, spiritu

October 9, 2013

Each week, a small group of us will meet and one group member will present a dream. Using Jungian dream principles, we will discuss the symbolism of the dream for the dreamer and its meaning. Then, I will guide the group members through an exploratio­

Dream Tenders
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